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ZF120B Automatic Glue Packets (Hong Bao) Machine
ZF260 type automatic envelope (flat bag) machine
ZF120A利是封红包机 全自动利是封机 红包机 中式信封机 筷子套机
ZF280(C) Automatic Envelope Paper Bag Machine
WE280B Automatic Envelope (glue molding machine)
TY320 Envelope Of Glue Sticker Machine
WE280A Automatic Envelope (molding machine glue)
TY31B Automatic Carton (envelope) Window
ZF780A Automatic Self-adhesive Stickers Letter Machine
ZF380 Automatic Envelope Machine (mail letter)
WF-32 Window Machine
ZF-116 Fully automatic CD Disc Paper Bag Machine
ZF780 (Chinese) type Automatic Envelope Machine
ZD280 Paper Bag Machine
GK-650/1080 type automatic double channel window sticking machine
Poker Slitting Machine
PYQ930(203)Automatic Continuous Paper Machine
TJ520 Automatic Sealing Machine
Seed Bag Machine For Food Packaging Machine

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  >> Seed Bag Machine For Food Packaging Machine
-     My company's own R & D food,seed bag machine,the machine performance in folding and edge integration.Machine power consumption province,the adjustment is conveninet,quick positioning accuracy and other characteristics. The use of safe and reliable,save labor costs,improve the efficiency of the advantages,won the praise and trust of users at home and abroad.
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